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Yes. Pest Free works in “On” again “Off” again cycles that are continuous. When the green LED begins blinking, this indicates the device has now entered it’s pulse mode. When the green LED light remains on solid, this indicates the device is now on standby, waiting to re-enter its pulse mode once again. These “On” again “Off” again cycles and operate every few minutes apart from each other.

Common household pets such as cats, dogs, birds, and fish, will not be affected.

Pet rats, mice and other closely related rodents should be kept well away from any electrical wiring.

All your electrical & electronic appliances such as computers, mobile devices,
Wi-Fi, TV’s, gaming consoles, alarm systems, medical equipment, pacemakers etc. are completely safe and will not experience any interference.

Scientifically tested and consumer proven to deter rats & mice and aid in the control of cockroaches.

Although not tested; we hold on file positive anecdotal feedback from our customers sighting success against other pests such as most ants, spiders, bats, bees, silverfish, geckos, possums, squirrels and others that caused concern within the area of influence of the Pest Free device.

Wherever there is adequate and active electrical wiring that surrounds an area, such as a normal room in a house. Outside areas are not controlled in most circumstances, however; we are developing a Pest Free wiring extension specifically designed and adopted for our devices that could assist, please enquire.

By engaging a specialised electromagnetic coil that has been designed and built exclusively by Pest Free, we interact with the current electromagnetic field that already exists in your household wiring.

This creates an effect that has been proven to substantially irritate the targeted pests and adversely affect the food and water consumption of rodents and cockroaches.

As the Pest Free device continues to modulate, the targeted pests are forced out of the property in search of relief from the effect of the pulse modulated electromagnetic field caused by the Pest Free device.  


Once activated, the device begins to irritate the targeted pests within the area of influence. As the irritation consistently builds it is quite normal and somewhat expected, that you will witness an increase in noise or movement. This can even be in the daytime regardless that most rodents and pests are generally nocturnal.

These are actually excellent indications of the disruption to the pest’s environment that the Pest Free device is causing and is to be absolutely expected.


Once the rodents can no longer stand the irritation, they move to escape the Pest Free effect and are driven out of their current habitat in search of relief from the disturbance. Sometimes however, the initial move may only be from one side of a room to another, or a different room, one side of the ceiling to another, or within wall cavities etc.

Although this can be frustrating as you just want them to depart, given they are only simple creatures, they act out of instinct and the desire to stay nearby where they have been safe, had shelter, access to food and water, and unfortunately quite possibly; where they have set up breeding.


As the Pest Free device can influence all areas that have active electrical circuits (assuming the right device or devices have been chosen to manage the property size), the rodents will not find relief within the property and eventually find their way outside and away from the Pest Free irritation and move along.


Since every property’s active wiring that the Pest Free device can influence is unique, as is each current pest problem, the timing for the devices to take effect varies greatly. Our research coupled together with customer feedback, indicates that effect can begin as quickly as within a couple of days.

However, depending on the factors as mentioned and the strength of the Pest Free product chosen from the customer, it can sometimes take up to a month, especially if there is a current infestation housed and established within a property. Please remember you have a 60 day money back guarantee to allow for these prolonged evacuation times.

The estimated average for many of our clients is 10 – 30 days for the initial infestation to move on.

As nice as it would be to guarantee our customers that they will never see another pest again; in reality, and in contrast to some of our competitors claims, this simply is not possible - nor truthful.

There are an absolute multitude of reasons and possibilities why you may see future activity, which include, but not limited to; extended wet weather (as storm waters rise, so will rodents and pests looking for dryer ground), sudden cold snaps (rodents and pests may enter looking for warmth and safety), nearby wildfires, nearby construction, continued use of baits and other attractants to lure unwanted new arrivals inside the premises. Most of these situations are generally out of our hands and ability to prevent. We do not recommend continued use of baits and other scented attractants within the premises. Pest Free cannot create an impenetrable barrier, nor can anyone for that matter.

Our aim is to bring your rodent / pest problem under control, driving out existing established infestations, and work towards preventing new arrivals from remaining in the premises. It is quite possible that you may get new arrivals due to various factors, however; once your initial infestation is removed, in all likeliness, any new invaders will be driven out prior to being able to set up a new breeding environment within your property.

Generally, once the initial infestation is driven out, new arrivals leave again within usually a day or two, but commonly within only a few hours as Pest Free works immediately once the pest has entered the area of influence.

Pest Free cannot work for areas with no wiring or insufficient wiring. Some customers that have experienced mostly good success have found one or two areas that continue to have a level of rodent and/or pest activity. Once investigated, a number of times it could be put down to a lack of electrical wiring for the Pest Free device to utilise. Pest Free is developing a wiring extension specifically designed and adopted for our devices to assist in preventing ongoing activity in these types of areas, please enquire.

Yes, the power must always be left on to have ongoing protection of your property.

It is also vitally important to have various appliances, lights etc. active as per a normal household or business would, as it is only when there is current being drawn via operation of these electrical appliances that the Pest Free device can affect the electromagnetic field and provide protection.

It is best to know the area size of your home or business premises. Pest Free works by traveling along all of your active electrical wiring shared by a common neutral point, not just the room it is plugged into. A common mistake is selecting a smaller model for a larger home or commercial business. A smaller model will struggle to cover your whole home or business, therefore not providing the desired results. Our current range of plug-in devices cover the approximate following areas:

Domestic Model - covers up to approximately 200sqm. For two story homes it may be best to place one Domestic model on each level, or consider our PRO model.

PRO Model - covers up to approximately 350sqm. Our PRO model is still suited for smaller premises if increased strength is desired.

Commercial Model - covers approximately 1,000sqm. Ideal for commercial applications such as restaurants, cafes, food processing plants, hospitals, nursing homes, wineries etc.

Pest Free works to rid your home of unwanted rodents and pests by creating a non-inviting environment; specifically, rodents generally become dehydrated and lose the urge to consume food. If your traps contain baits or other luring scents such as peanut butter etc., they act as an enticement for the current infestation to fight the Pest Free influence and are counterproductive.

There is also the real risk of attracting more rodents inside using baits as a rodent’s sense of smell is extremely acute.

Therefore, by using baits we cannot guarantee the performance of your Pest Free device and suggest you take the long term approach and move past the continual cycle of catching, killing and disposing - rodents can often breed faster than you can kill them.

Prevention is better than a cure...

CLEANING AFTER DINNER: After dinner clean-up is extremely important as most pests like to come out at night when no one is around. When there is no food for them to easily consume or other messes for them to get into, they have little defence against the Pest Free device and will find their way out of your premises soon. Doing the dishes after dinner and then wiping down all the kitchen surfaces with a good anti-bacterial cleaning agent will take away a great deal of the aroma that attracts pests.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR FLOORS: It is important to sweep, vacuum and mop regularly. You will remove crumbs and brush carpet fibres that hold and sometimes conceal other debris inviting to pests. Consider professional carpet cleaning services at least once a year for deep cleaning.

KEEP UP ON LAUNDRY: Be aware not to leave laundry lying about, ultimately it is best to wash daily so soiled clothes that collect mildew do not entice pests. If you wash less frequently, it is a good idea to utilise laundry baskets that can be closed but still allow your laundry to breathe.

VENTILATE WELL: Ensuring the premises has adequate air ventilation will assist in ensuring your home or business does not become too humid. Good air flow will help prevent moisture-loving critters from being attracted to your home or business.

REDUCE CLUTTER: Pests love clutter in a home or business! It gives them extra places to hide, find pieces of food within the mess, and they make their nests out of whatever is laying about. There are a few key clutter-related things you can do to make your home less appealing to pests:

  • Rid the exterior of your home or business of any large piles of leaves, wood, or anything else.
  • Repair holes and cracks in your home or business that may allow a rodent to gain entrance.
  • Remove bird feeders, dog bowls and anything else that contained food from your yard, these can attract rodents from great distances.
  • Make sure garbage both inside and outside your home or business is tightly sealed.

Plastic storage bins are an excellent option for storing away items without fear of pests getting into them. A good general rule to keep in mind when getting rid of clutter is to make use of vertical space:

STRAIGHTEN UP: After you have reduced your clutter, it is important to commit to regular tidying as this will prevent renewed clutter. Pests do not like it when humans constantly move things within the premises, so get the whole family or staff involved in putting things away in the right places.

Pest Free costs very little per month to operate, our devices use the equivalent of a 7 to 13-Watt* lightbulb, pending model. *Our Commercial Pest Management System uses increased wattage.

Pest Free only works when plugged in to an active electrical outlet. Should the power supply stop for any reason, your Pest Free device will stop operating until the power supply is restored.

Electrical surges can instantly overload and short out the circuitry of home electronics and anything else plugged into the wall and/or degrade them over time.

If after a power surge you notice your green LED not operating correctly, this is an indication your device may have been damaged. Another indicator is that after a short time from experiencing a surge you notice a return of pests; in this case you may need to have your device checked, as the light can still be working but the effectiveness could be reduced dramatically. 

Pest Free devices operate continuously 24 hours per day & 7 days per week. Just like every other electronic device, there will come a time the device ceases to operate or has deteriorated in operation.

The question “how long do they last”? We provide a 2 year manufacturer's warranty against parts and labour for any defects that may arise. Outside our 2 year manufacturer's warranty, we cannot say how long the device will last, as it is impossible to put a number on it. For example, if two neighbours were both to purchase the same type of refrigerator together, it would be fair to expect one may last longer than the other.

Although we have had numerous customer feedback over decades of our Pest Free devices lasting exceptionally well beyond our warranty period of 2 years, we take the conservative and truthful approach of suggesting you consider as a worst case scenario that you count on the warranty period of 2 years; everything beyond that is a bonus.

PLEASE CONSIDER: To maintain optimal performance, we recommend precautionary replacement every 4-5 years, which is 200%-300% of the warranty period.

Important Note: Damage to your device caused by other factors such as; power surges, physical damage, or tampering, are not covered under the 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty.

The green LED is your immediate indicator if the unit is no longer functioning correctly. If the light does not alternate between being “on" constantly and “blinking” every several minutes apart from each other, there is a very strong possibility the unit is no longer functioning to manufacturer specifications.

Pest Free devices that have been in service many years can still operate the light correctly but may have deteriorated in function over time, which is ultimately to be expected. We recommend a precautionary replacement every 4-5 years (200%-300% of warranty) to maintain optimal performance.

Consistent new or prolonged pest activity is ultimately the other indicator that it may be time for a replacement to keep your property Pest Free.

We are confident our electromagnetic pest control products will bring you welcomed relief by controlling your pest or rodent problem; therefore, we provide a 60 day money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with the improvement provided.

  • All returns require the customer to return the product to the postage address listed on at their expense IF purchased from Pest Free Australia in-store or through the Pest Free Australia Web Site. If the device has been purchased from one of our authorized resellers, you are to contact your original place of purchase with your original receipt and all packaging.
  • The claimant is also responsible for any risk, should the product not be proven delivered, or if delivered damaged.
  • A copy of your receipt is required to be sent with your product.
  • Refunds will be credited back to the same payment account details on file used at time of purchase unless an alternative request has been made by the purchaser and agreed to by Pest Free Australia.
  • In the case an electronic refund cannot be processed for whatever reason, a cheque may have to be mailed to the shipping address on file in the name of the original purchaser.
  • The product must not be damaged, marked or scuffed, and must be returned in its original packaging undamaged.
  • The money back guarantee is for the cost of product only and does not include shipping and handling costs.
  • Products returned without all packaging and documentation as delivered, or within damaged packaging, will incur a 20% restocking fee.

    All products have a 2 year manufacturers warranty on parts and labour which, commences upon invoice/receipt date.

    • All claims require the claimant to return the product to the postage address listed on at their expense. The claimant is also responsible for any risk, should the product not be proven delivered, or if delivered damaged.
    • The product will be assessed and deemed to be either working within the manufacturer’s specifications, or not.
    • An approved warranty claim will be returned to the claimant by Pest Free with no charge to the claimant.
    • A non-approved warranty claim will only be returned to the claimant by the claimant paying in advance the current shipping and handling charges to Pest Free Australia.
    • A non-approved warranty claim that Pest Free has not received payment of shipping and handling charges to enable the return, within 14 days of notification, will be disposed of thoughtfully by Pest Free at no charge to the claimant.
    • Damage to your device caused by factors out of Pest Free's control such as power surges, are not covered under the 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Devices returned that have incurred physical damage or display signs of “tampering”, will not be inspected, and are not covered under the 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Devices that have surpassed 2 years since date of purchase will not be considered nor inspected for warranty.

    IMPORTANT ADVICE: The sighting or awareness of a pest(s), does not indicate that the product is faulty and is not taken into consideration for the approval of a warranty claim.

    Our warranty terms and policies include, and do not seek to exclude or limit, the rights you have under the Australian Consumer Law.

    Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

    The warranties and product support that we offer and provide pursuant to our terms and conditions are in addition to the consumer warranties and guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law.

    Shipping and Delivery

    Pest Free Australia strives to get your order processed and en-route to you as quickly as possible. Our typical lead-time from order placed to shipped is 24hrs, except for Holidays & Weekends. Special orders can take longer to ship depending on stock and inventory levels. Most items shipped from Pest Free Australia are normally shipped through Australia Post. Some items that are overweight, larger than normal, or special order, may incur additional freight charges. We strive to maintain accurate rates on our website, but at times, certain products will have modified freight, and will incur other charges. If this occurs, Pest Free Australia, when possible, will contact you to discuss the differences in costs, or arrange a different shipping method if applicable. *See International Shipping for destinations outside of Australia. Orders received before 11am Eastern Time Monday to Friday are generally processed that same day. Orders received after 11am Eastern Time Monday to Friday are generally processed the next business day (e.g. an order placed after 11am Eastern Time Friday will generally be processed the following Monday). Once the order has been processed, assigned a tracking number, and the package collected for shipment, the shipping time and estimated delivery date is no longer the responsibility of Pest Free Australia, but that of the courier. The customer hereby holds Pest Free Australia harmless to all lost and/or delayed package arrivals.

    Normal Shipping Methods and Estimated Shipping Times

     If your package is being shipped via Australia Post, for the latest estimated shipping times, we suggest you review the Australia Post website at for estimated Parcel Post delivery times (

    International Shipping – Varies from 5 Business Days to 2 Weeks (or longer) from ship date (except weekends & public holidays)


    International shipments are those made outside of Australia. International shipments are subject to shipping quotes and approval from the customer of the shipping amount before we will ship the product. We reserve the right to cancel an order and issue a full refund for shipments not covered in our normally serviced area. Customers are responsible for all duties, taxes and fees for International shipments. Any uncollected fees will be charged to the customer and cannot be refunded. As our customer, you agree to this policy by purchasing with Pest Free Australia.

    Are there any exceptions?

    If a product ordered is not in stock, same day or next business day dispatch cannot be met and you will be notified.

    Weekend or Public Holiday orders will be processed and dispatched on the next business day.

    How do I track my order?

    If you have not received an email with your tracking details, please check your Junk or SPAM folder.

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