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Scientifically Tested in a Leading Australian University ✔

The Most Trusted Name

In Electronic Pest & Rodent Control Around The World.

The Most Trusted Name

In Electronic Pest & Rodent Control Around The World.

Looking for a natural electronic pest control device that is safe for all the family...?

PLUG IN Pest Free® World Leader in Electromagnetic Pest Control Technology

Welcome to the Pest Free Australia website where you can deter those annoying rodents and pests in your home or business with the most effective electronic pest control product on the market today. Electromagnetic pest control has massively increased in popularity all over the world in the past few years. Many people are moving away from using poisons and other inhumane and dangerous methods. Instead, people are opting for something that is much more child and pet-friendly for their home, not to mention a far more humane way to control their rodent and pest problems. Our electromagnetic pest and rodent deterring devices are scientifically tested and consumer proven against rats, mice and to aid in the control of cockroaches.


Our Scientifically Tested & Patented Technology has been proven against rats, mice and to aid in the control of cockroaches.


We are confident our electromagnetic pest control products will bring you welcomed relief to your pest or rodent problem and therefor also offer all our customers a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the improvement our products deliver


The technology behind our electromagnetic pest control devices have been patented in and our devices are made of high-quality material so we may include a 2 year manufacturers parts and labour warranty. There is no lead used in the manufacture of our pest control devices; you are using environmentally friendly protection for your home or business.


Ultrasonic devices emit ultrasonic waves that are undetectable to human hearing; however, they can cause distress to pet animals as their hearing is much more sensitive. Ultrasonic waves only work in a “direct line of sight” and do not penetrate walls or other obstacles such as the cavities of your walls where most pests and rodents live and breed. This lack of penetration renders most ultrasonic devices useless and to achieve a minimal affect may require a device in every room. Electromagnetic pest control causes no discomfort to pets (aside pet rats and mice naturally) and is a much more effective form of pest control than ultrasonic devices.


The PLUG IN Pest Free device plugs into an electrical socket and the device sends regular bursts of electromagnetic pulses along the active wiring of your home or business which is scientifically proven to deter rats, mice and aid in the control of cockroaches. People have used a variety of different things to try and get rid of rats and mice; now, instead of going around your property with spray bottles or traps, plug in your Pest Free device and enjoy the benefits it will bring you in pest and rodent control. We stress the obvious importance of general cleanliness and hygiene of course

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