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Electromagnetic vs Pesticides

PLUG IN Pest Free®
Traditional Pesticides Pest Control

Why Pesticides Are Not The Answer

No matter how good a pesticide may be, it will inevitably be lost by:

  1. Physical removal – washing down walls or removal by rain or hosing. They can also be lost simply through traffic and activity of use of the premises.
  2. Degradation by light – most pesticides will break down under normal light and artificial light conditions.
  3. Covering with dust – all pesticides are only effective when initially applied. They become covered with dust in most cases. Only PLUG IN Pest Free® can give constant protection regardless of age or conditions.
  4. Absorption into porous surfaces such as mud, dirt, brick (including damp dust) or cement.
  5. Chemical degradation – especially on very alkaline surfaces.
  6. Evaporation of active chemical.
  7. The use of poisons presents many problems responsible for the management of affected locations, especially rats and mice. Areas have to be cleared prior to the use of poisons, which – no matter how carefully they are used – inevitably have a risk when used near people or in confined spaces. Removal of the dead bodies of rats and mice whether on surfaces or hidden in wall cavities or air conditioning ducts, produces an offensive smell as well as providing a potential harbor for flies and other insect and disease to humans and pets. Denying ground to rats and mice in the first place ensures that dead bodies do not collect within the protected area, which promotes hygiene and ensures no offensive odors.

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