About Us

Who Are We?

We are an Australian owned and Family run Company started in 1993.

Pest Free is serious about its commitment in providing chemical free technology that contributes to the well being of families and the environment. Today there are well over a million homes, businesses and food outlets using and enjoying our safe and effective Plug-In Pest Free® products. We pride ourselves on protecting families and customers without the use of hazardous and poisonous chemicals.

As the word spread about our natural pest control approach, the sales increased, it opened new doors enabling us to design further products to suit the wide market we were in. This led to the development of the Pest Free Control, Pro, Commercial, and Micro units. Pest Free can now cover all forms of buildings, from a small apartment, home, business, or large factory, and even within machines themselves such as vending machines and dishwashers.

Our patented technology has received multiple research, development and exporting grants from the Australian Federal Government. The exporting of our products has resulted in a large demand and increase for all our patented chemical free products to many countries overseas.

Our Vision

For every home and business to install a Pest Free device to minimise the amount of harmful, toxic, and dangerous chemicals currently being used to kill rats, mice and cockroaches.