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About Us

Who We Are

Pest Free Australia Pty Ltd is a family owned and run Australian company that commenced business way back in 1994. For generations we have been pioneering the electronic pest control industry. We have been operating tirelessly and continually throughout the years under our family led ownership– surely we’re doing something right?

Initially Pest Free dedicated its resources to “testing and proving” the electromagnetic capabilities of deterring pests. Once we were completely satisfied with our products and their effectiveness, in early 1995 we made our first sale; not knowing at the time, that first sale would turn out to be the first of over a million sales globally.

Pest Free is serious about its commitment and vision in providing pesticide free technology. We want our products to contribute to the wellbeing of families and the environment, whilst effectively providing pest control in the most humane way possible with our pest repellers.

As word spread about our plug-in repellers and our natural and humane pest control approach, including the benefits that were brought to health, environment, cost effectiveness and animals; the sales increased. It opened new doors for Pest Free, which enabled us to design further products to suit the wide market we were now doing business in.

Further products developed included; the Pest Free PRO, Commercial, and Micro devices. Today Pest Free can cover residential and commercial buildings of all shapes and sizes, from small apartments to homes, as well as commercial businesses and large factories. We can even provide pest control within machines themselves, such as vending machines and commercial dishwashers and ovens with our revolutionary new Micro device.

Our products have received numerous research, development and exporting grants from the Australian Federal Government. The exporting of our products has resulted in an Australian product being shipped globally.

Our Vision

To continue educating ourselves with the latest scientific findings so we may work on improvements to the business and our products. Striving to make a difference to not only peoples “pest free lives", but so that we do so in consideration for our environment and all sentient beings, and generations to follow.

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